The Dr. K. NFL Football Forecasts


It is with deep regret that I will not be publishing ratings or predictions any longer for the NFL. The key issue I have with the NFL and the blatant disregard for my country and the Star Spangled Banner (both the flag and the antehm), is not simply players expressing themselves, it is the NFL stating that dishonoring our flag and national anthem is acceptable behavior. For me, this is compounded by the NFL's claim that those (like me) who believe in honoring the flag are being political and divisive, when in point of fact those dishonoring our nation (e.g. the NFL) are being boldly political and flagrantly divisive. Obviously, the NFL has a right to do business how they see fit, I also have a right to not attend games, turn the channel, and generally not purchase what they're selling. I have decided to exercise that right.